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Our Digital Presence Builder™ is designed to level the playing field and give established small businesses and industry leaders access to online marketing that will drive sales and provide lasting results.

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How does the Digital Presence Builder™ make my business stand out online?

This service is designed to give established small business owners access to expert digital marketing advice and services. It’s like having your own in-house marketing team working to promote your business across the many social media and advertising platforms available today.

In addition, we’ll take care of keeping your website up to date, including a full refresh every three years. Keeping your website functioning optimally assures the best success with Digital Marketing.

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You’ve likely already seen how major corporations are everywhere online, reinforcing their brand across many channels.

Our services level the playing field for small businesses and allow you to dominate your competition and become an industry leader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally not, though some components of this service may be a good fit and can be purchased a-la-carte. We’re happy to consult with you to give some guidance on where to best focus your Digital Marketing efforts when starting a business.

For home services like electricians, HVAC, landscaping, pest control, and others this service is a guaranteed win to increase sales. Others like medical practices, attorneys, and other professional service providers have also had great success with the service.

It can be, but some components may need to be modified a bit to provide the best results for your e-commerce business.

Setup typically takes three to four weeks.

No, setup is included as a part of the service.

Yes, there is a twelve-month term.

You’ll receive detailed reporting that shows the number of sales leads generated through certain Digital Marketing services. It’s a good idea to train your sales team to ask, “How did you find us?” because you will also receive sales leads that are not trackable through reporting.

Yes. We’ve seen that over time the service also leads to more positive online reviews and organic growth. Since we’re building a community of online fans for your business, it’s only natural that they will become advocates and want to help promote your products or services.

We’ve been providing some components like Google Ads management since the early 2000s. We’ve used this strategy for our own marketing since 2015, tested and refined it with existing clients in 2015 and 2016, and the full Digital Presence Builder service package has been available to clients since 2017.

We're happy to work collaboratively with your marketing manager with the common goal of bringing in more customers and increasing your bottom line. We often find that this collaboration improves results for our program and your existing digital marketing efforts.

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