Website Visitor Retargeting

Make An Impact Over And Over With Retargeting Ads

If you ask any given internet user what retargeting is, they probably have no idea, but it’s a safe bet that you’ve experienced retargeting ads. Think about this – if you’ve ever gone to a website and looked at a product or service, you’ve probably noticed that you’ll see banner advertisements related to that product as you move around social media and other websites.

These ads don’t come out of nowhere, your visit to a website actually triggers them, and they make excellent marketing sense because they’re an extremely cost-effective way to keep your brand in front of potential customers.

Unlike search ads, where you’re paying a competitive cost per click to capture users when they’re looking for a product or service, retargeting ads often have low cost because they’re not generating a lot of clicks. Over time, you’ll have hundreds of thousands or millions of views of your retargeting ads at a very low cost.

It does take a lot of effort to get a user to your website, and in many cases, they’re just at the start of their research and brand discovery. They’ve gained some initial awareness of your brand, but it may not be a lasting impression with so many marketing messages coming from all directions in today’s world. By implementing a retargeting campaign, you keep your brand in front of customers, typically over a 30-day window.

In short, retargeting ads give you a chance to stay in front of your customers across the web, including on some of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world where direct ad buys would traditionally be out of reach for your budget.

Where Can I Use Retargeting

Google Remarketing

If you use retargeting at Google, you’ll find that they refer to their product as ‘Remarketing Ads.’ After a visit to your website, you can have both banner display ads and text ads displayed over Google’s network of advertisers.

These ads will be displayed on many major websites, including news outlets, weather channels, lifestyle blogs, healthcare sites, educational outlets, and more. They will also appear on local websites in the same industries listed previously. Placing an ad directly on many of these sites is out of reach for most small businesses, but with retargeting, your ads have a chance of displaying on these websites without a direct ad buy with the company.

Facebook And Other Social Channels

If you use Facebook for retargeting, in general, your ads will appear on their website as well as Instagram. Facebook also has its own advertising network with various associated sites in different industries, and your retargeting campaigns can additionally appear on these sites.

There’s a considerable value to retargeting on Facebook and other social platforms. On average, users spend over two hours on social media each day, and these websites are becoming some of the most used in the world.

Which Provider Is Right For Me?

Finding the right retargeting provider often depends on your industry, competition, and location. With a team of experts on your side, you can craft impactful retargeting campaigns implemented with the perfect providers for your needs that keep your brand in front of customers over and over again as they browse the web.

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