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Connect With Your Audience On A New Level With Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media website globally, with over 65% of the adult population in the United States using it, spending on average nearly 20 hours each month on the platform. Instagram, another social media giant owned by the Facebook company, boasts similar statistics for their user base.

With consumers spending more and more time on social media websites, you may miss out by not advertising on one or both of these platforms, especially when many businesses of all sizes use them for advertising. No matter the size or industry of your business, you have the chance to reach your target audience in new ways through Facebook and Instagram ads.

Advertising on these platforms also provides a unique opportunity to reach users while they are spending leisure time online, meaning that you can make an impact on users at every stage of their buyer’s journey – from those who need to become aware of your products or services to those who are ready to make a purchase.

What Type of Advertisements Can I Post On Facebook?

While the possibilities for how you advertise and market your business and use social media marketing on Facebook’s platforms are nearly limitless, we have found that there are a few specific types of advertisements that work best for most business owners. These include:


If you’re looking to test the waters of Facebook advertising, or you only need to promote a single thing, like one post or your page itself, then Facebook and Instagram boosts are a great start. This form of advertising allows you to promote your post or page to a targeted audience based on factors such as age, location, and interests. These are especially useful for promoting your Facebook and Instagram pages themselves, as boosts can direct back to a social media page rather than your website or a landing page.

Boosts also offer the benefit of allowing you to promote existing posts from your page’s news feed. Got an article, graphic, or video that you want to reach a wider audience? Consider a boost for a quick and easy way to get more eyes on a fantastic piece of content!

Paid Ads

Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram is the closest to a traditional online advertising campaign. As a result, these ads can be targeted to a variety of audiences and reach users who are at every stage of their buying journey. These ads often look the closest to traditional advertisements, featuring products, services, and sales-driven copy. However, this is not a requirement, and Facebook and Instagram advertisements that feature more down-to-earth views of a business’s products and services are becoming increasingly popular.

The most significant benefit of these campaigns is that you can reach thousands of users at a relatively affordable price point. This is great for growing awareness of your business and influencing those who are ready to purchase from you, among other marketing strategies. Facebook and Instagram ads are easy to replicate and customize, so one set of advertising media can be purposed to meet several different goals.


Retargeting is a strategy that allows you to display advertisements to those who have already interacted with your business online. These ads can be useful in aiding prospects in the final steps of their buying journey by reminding them of the benefits of your products or services as they browse their social news feeds.

Facebook and Instagram retargeting allows you to build an audience out of those who have visited your website, as well as those who follow and interact with your social media pages. This can increase the reach of your retargeting efforts and allow you to make connections with users who other forms of online advertising may miss.

Hiring Ads

Through their Careers feature, Facebook has become an excellent tool for recruiting candidates. Hiring ads on this platform work similarly to others such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter but have the added benefit of being directly tied to your Facebook page, meaning that you can both promote job listings to your existing audience and give prospective employees a taste of your company’s culture if they click through to your page for more information.

How Can I Get Started With Facebook Advertising?

The first step to advertising on Facebook and Instagram is to set up pages for your business, as well as an advertising account. Once setup is complete and your ad account is verified, advertising is a matter of creating compelling graphics and copy and promoting it to the right audience.

How exactly this is done depends on your industry, but generally, you’ll want to create eye-catching visuals and sales-driven ad copy with a strong call to action that’s relevant to your advertising goals. Then, you’ll need to cultivate an audience for your ads, which will vary based on the ad type.

For paid ads and boosts, you’ll want to consider the demographics your business caters to – are your customers typically young shoppers with disposable income? Do you market our services to single-income families? Are you trying to reach an older population, like retirees? Regardless of who you want to target, you should understand key aspects of their demographic information like age, location, interests, and occupation.

For retargeting ads, you’ll be marketing to your existing audience. Remarketing prospects can be gathered from your website data, existing mailing lists or other opt-in programs, and your fans and followers on social media.

Do You Need The Help Of A Marketing Agency?

If this seems like a lot to take on as a business owner – we understand. The Advanté-BCS team has years of experience helping our clients succeed and meet their business goals through Facebook and Instagram advertising. Our Facebook Advertising services offer comprehensive setup and ads management for businesses of all sizes across industries. Services include:

  • Facebook and Instagram page creation
  • Facebook Advertising account creation
  • Demographic and keyword research
  • Development of ad creatives, including graphics, videos, and copy
  • Campaign monitoring and improvements
  • Detailed campaign reporting

If you’re looking for a partner in Facebook advertising who will lead you to success, our team is here to help as your expert Social Media Marketing agency. Contact us today to learn more about advertising your business on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.

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