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Keep Users Coming Back To Your Website With A Professional Blog

As you likely know, a great website is the foundation for all successful Digital Marketing. Your website may already have great content in place, with powerfully written pages that explain your products and services, but a successful website doesn’t stop at the basics. For your website to really thrive, it needs to be updated regularly, and the best way to do this is through a professional blog.

Blogging is increasingly common in today’s content-driven online world, and most experts agree that blogs are vital for businesses marketing their products and services online.

Why Blog?

Studies show that businesses that blog can receive up to 67% more leads online. Blogging has become one of the most trusted sources of online information, and it is critical for positioning your website well in search engine results.

A significant reason why blogs are so popular is that they deliver valuable content to internet users. These days, users are looking to be delighted by educational and entertaining content as they browse the web. Blogs can answer questions, share news, convey exclusive industry information, and entertain website visitors. Providing this value allows you to go beyond generating sales leads and to build an enthusiastic online community, and is a big part of search engine marketing.

To illustrate how this works, take a look at this screenshot of the top 5 pages for from January to August 2021. The two blog posts listed answer common questions related to automotive glass repair. Visitors spend a lot of time on these pages, which boosts search engine ranking signals.

Screenshot of Google Analytics for Smiley's Glass
Screenshot of Google Analytics for Smiley’s Glass

Regularly publishing a blog helps to keep visitors returning to your site, and this, in turn, will help increase your credibility and ranking at major search engines, helping more users find you organically.

How To Succeed At Blogging

Over the years, the Advanté-BCS team has crafted a winning strategy to drive traffic with monthly blog posting. Here’s a short breakdown of our process:

1. Research and Planning

Before diving into writing blogs, we first research currently trending topics in your industry. We look at a number of factors, including organic search traffic, industry news, and what competitors are talking about in their own blogs. Then, we plan a calendar of topics that will compel your audience year-round, with release dates that will ensure your new content reaches users at the right time.

2. Compelling Copy

Our skilled copywriting team dives deep into research, keeping up with the latest trends and news in your industry to present your audience with the highest-quality content in each blog. All articles are written with a dual purpose – to entertain your readers while subtly driving sales and enforcing branding for your company.

3. Timely Releases

With a planned content calendar, we ensure that blogs published are seasonally relevant and on-trend for the current news in your industry. Our team takes great care to schedule your blog posts for release at times when they’ll be most likely to reach your audience so that you always stand out.

4. Utilize Your Content

Blogs don’t need to just sit on a website after they’re published! Our team takes other aspects of your Digital Marketing plan into consideration, and cross-publishes blog posts on social media, in newsletters, and wherever else it will reach your audience outside of your website. Offering this valuable content on several channels increases your reach as a brand and keeps users coming back for more!

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