Google Remarketing

Looking To Reach Your Website Visitors Across The Internet?

If you use retargeting at Google, you’ll find that they refer to their product as ‘Remarketing Ads.’ At the core, after a user visits your website, you can serve both banner display ads and text ads over Google’s network of advertisers.

Retargeting ads are helpful in increasing brand awareness for the 98% of your website visitors that don’t make a purchase on their initial visit to your site. It is a vital part of converting your audience into customers through your Digital Presence Marketing campaign.

Google introduced this type of advertising in 2010 and has since refined it to allow even greater flexibility. Since its introduction, Google has refined these ads to allow for more customization, allowing you to target users that have visited specific pages on your website, exclude certain types of users such as existing customers, remarket from your YouTube videos, and even increase your reach by using similar audiences.

Using remarketing is part of building a relationship with your audience. By delivering valuable content in your remarketing ads, you can create the repeated interactions that will help win over new customers. All of this can be done at a relatively low cost and on major websites that your audience browses daily.

Advertise On Major Websites Without Breaking The Bank

In addition to Google’s enormous reach, their Display Network consists of millions of websites.

These partner websites include:

  • News outlets
  • Weather channels
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Healthcare sites
  • Educational outlets
  • Apps

Obviously, as a small business owner, it’s not likely that you’ve thought about contacting to see if you can place your ads on their website. With Google Remarketing, you can place ads on major websites using the same pay-per-click pricing model that is so attractive because it allows for large numbers of impressions at no charge unless someone clicks your ad.

One interesting thing that we’ve seen is that clients using Google Remarketing have gotten a lot of exposure on local media websites, including TV stations, newspapers, and magazines.

How To Get Your Remarketing Campaign Started

A lot of your remarketing efforts are going to be driven by display or banner ads. With such a vast network and many different display options, you’ll find that you need to create a set of 2 advertising banners in specific dimensions. Although Google provides tools to create responsive ads, producing custom images at each size gives you much better control over your branding and messaging.

You’re also going to need to build up your retargeting audience. Until you’ve reached a minimum threshold for the number of website visitors, your ads won’t be eligible to show on the Partner Network. Depending on the amount of traffic to your website, it may require some time before you’ve grown your retargeting list. Of course, you can speed this up by also using Google’s Search Ads or other effective advertising to send legitimate prospects to your website.

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