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Grow A Community Of Online Fans With Social Media Posting

You’ve likely noticed that most businesses have some kind of active presence on social media these days – and for good reason! With social platforms becoming some of the most widely-used websites and apps, it’s a smart move to give your customers a way to connect with your business on all of the platforms they frequent.

Social Media is a key part of building your Digital Presence, and posting regularly to your business’s social pages is one of the foundations of a great Social Media Marketing strategy. While advertising campaigns on sites like Facebook and Instagram are great at attracting prospective customers, organic Social Media Posting is the best way to nurture those prospects and your existing customers and turn them into raving fans of your business.

Though you know your business inside and out, it may be hard as a business owner to determine what you should be posting about on your social media pages. What do fans want to see? What kind of content should you be posting? How often, and at what times do you post to reach the most people?

If you’re unsure of any of these factors or feel like your existing social media strategy isn’t living up to its full potential, Advanté-BCS is here to help.

What Goes Into A Winning Social Media Strategy?

Think about it this way – when you browse social media websites, are you there solely to make purchasing decisions? Probably not. The reasons why users visit social platforms are vast, but there’s often a unifying factor between them – people are looking for human, social experiences.

So how do you create these experiences and develop a winning strategy? The Advanté-BCS team has developed a proprietary strategy that will make sure to get your business in front of as many enthusiastic eyes as possible on social media. Our Social Media Posting strategy is all about the content you post, the timing with which you post it, the platforms you post on, and the way you engage with your community.

Content Is King

Social media users love content that is interesting, entertaining, and educational, and creating content that fills these niches and is relevant to your business is easier than you might think. Consider sharing things that your audience may not know about your business. Give exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at how your industry works. Share photos and videos of your team members and their day-to-day lives within your company. All of these topics will delight your social media audience.

You’ll also want to give some variety to the types of content you post. Social media users like diversity in their feeds, so make sure to curate a good mix of articles, photos, and videos to share with your target audience.

Timely Posts Make An Impact

Once you’ve worked out what to post, the next step is figuring out when to post it. There are basic strategies that cover what times are best to post on each platform, but it’s also important to keep your target audience in mind. Different demographics will be active on social media platforms at different times, and it’s important for your posts to go live at times that your target audience will be spending time on social media.

Where To Post?

There are dozens of different social media platforms in this day and age, all of which are used by different demographic groups. It’s important to know where your target audience is spending their social time online. For example, companies targeting a younger demographic may want to focus their Social Media Posting on websites like Instagram that are popular with users under 35. On the other hand, companies that target working professionals or high-level executives may find more use posting on networking sites like Linkedin.

Most companies tend to find success posting on a few platforms that are relevant to their business, with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter being the most common.

Get Engaged With Your Community

A great way to start growing your business’s social community is by communicating with fans. If a user leaves a comment on your post, shares it, or posts a review, reply! Get active and search for mentions of your company in your local community or in news publications. Start discussions on your social posts and engage with users who reply.

The more you get connected with your audience on social media, the stronger your community will grow. You’ll benefit this audience by sharing valuable content that they love, and they will benefit you in turn by engaging with your posts and sharing them to a larger audience.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re looking for a trusted marketing partner to help grow your business through Social Media Posting, Advanté-BCS is here to help. Our passionate team enjoys diving deep into social strategies that help our clients succeed with winning content targeted to the right audiences.

If you’re looking to take your Social Media Posting strategy to the next level, contact us today to get started.

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