Is Your Business Prepared for Digital Marketing?

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These days, it feels like every company is urged to adapt to the latest trends in digital marketing. 

While digital marketing is excellent at providing both immediate and long-term gains on ROI and an influx of new sales leads, not every business may be prepared for this growth.

A focus on gaining new customers can backfire if your company isn’t prepared to handle an increased number of clients or leads. Therefore, it is essential to consider if your business is ready to take the plunge on a digital marketing campaign before getting it started. 

If a marketing campaign brings in many new leads, your team must be ready to convert those leads into sales. Otherwise, it may be a waste of your resources. 

We’ve gathered a few points to consider if you think your company is ready to embark on the digital marketing journey.

1. Do You Have A Plan In Place To Tackle New Leads? 

One of the biggest roadblocks companies find after a successful marketing campaign is that they become inundated with more calls and emails than they can handle. One way to get your company ready for this is to prepare your team for the results of a successful digital marketing campaign. 

Consider if you have enough staff to deal with new customers or leads. This may mean increasing your sales staff or their hours. 

Depending on your business, you may need more individuals to tackle customer service emails, packaging, and shipping (if you are an e-commerce business). Even your bookkeeping or accounting department may have to work overtime to manage receipts, income, and other financial details. 

Pro Tip: Before you embark on any major digital marketing campaign, have a staff meeting to lay out the marketing plan and the goal. Prepare your staff for the increased business on its way by discussing what a good sales lead looks like and how to follow up on numerous leads. Set specific, measurable, and attainable goals for individual team members. Keep the discussion open, so your employees can also share their needs when taking on the increased business.

2. Do You Have a Good CRM Tool And The Necessary Technology?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool usually refers to a program that assists by managing your company’s interactions with customers and potential leads. If your business needs to reach out to or follow up with sales leads and customers, a CRM will be a valuable investment and make organizing your company’s outreach much more manageable.

If you’re launching a digital marketing campaign, you should also have the required technology to help you manage incoming calls, questions from customers, and aggregate information about customers, which you can then use to fuel your future marketing campaigns. This is another area where a CRM can help.

Finally, make sure that you have other necessary technology and software to keep your business running. Ensure that your website can handle incoming traffic and outreach from leads or customers. If you operate a retail business of any kind, make sure that your e-commerce software is working as intended before launching any digital marketing campaign.

Pro Tip: Prepare your IT and sales teams so that they make sure that no information or phone calls from potential clients go to waste!

3. Can You Still Nurture Each Customer? 

This is another point where you need to have a plan in place to make sure you’re providing the best possible customer service when new leads or returning clients call. Set goals for your sales staff, such as treating every new lead as a customer and calling back the same day. 

Be sure that your customer service department is ready to handle phone calls and team members are well-trained to answer questions. You should also have a system to check in with prospective leads or use marketing techniques like email campaigns or retargeting ads to remind them of your products and services.

Pro Tip: Excite your sales staff by preparing them for more sales – practice with them if necessary or hold more training so that they know what kind of information to log about each customer and understand how to handle different types of sales leads.

Are You Ready To Start A Digital Marketing Campaign?

If you think your company and team are ready to take on a digital marketing campaign and expand your business, reach out to the Advanté-BCS team online or give us a call at 804-788-0048 and talk to us about your needs. 

We’d be happy to work with you to develop a winning digital marketing plan that will drive sales, grow your business, and market your brand, no matter the size of your company.