3 Ad Agency Strategies Your Brand Needs

3 Ad Agency Strategies Your Brand Needs

When it comes to marketing for your small or medium-sized business, it seems like the process is endless. That’s because it is! Marketing relies on creativity and flexibility – you have to be willing to try new campaigns and strategies to be successful, and you have to do it all the time. Ad agencies know this. If you’re not quite at the ad agency level, though, there are still a few great tactics you can employ in order to create a successful marketing strategy for your brand.

The Basics of Marketing Strategies

In order for a marketing strategy to do well, you should have the basics covered. Is your website user-friendly and attractive, with copy that is driven and effective? Do you have a blog where users can learn more? Is your brand active on social media? If the answer is no, or not quite, you may want to refocus your marketing efforts.

Think of it this way, if you’re paying to advertise on Facebook, and a user clicks on your page to find that you’re not active or that the page has unrelated content, you may lose out on a valuable sales lead. In a similar vein, if a prospect finds you through a search engine but your site doesn’t answer their questions, they’re likely to move on quickly.

Any marketing agency knows that brands must optimize the website with engaging visuals, meaningful copy, and accessible design for easy navigation. Then, website content must be original, useful, and search engine optimized. Finally, a social media presence is a must these days. Even more important than paying for ads is making sure that the organic content you post is attracting your target audience and valuable sales leads.

3 Ad Agency Strategies for Small and Medium Businesses

Once you’ve got your basics covered and you’re ready to venture out to even stronger marketing strategies, these basic steps that ad agencies frequently use will help boost customer’s engagement with your brand and greatly increase your sales leads.

  • Improve your blog – This seems like it goes hand-in-hand with optimizing all your website content, but even successful brands sometimes overlook the valuable tool of blogs. Blogs draw in new readers and users and can greatly assist with search engine optimization, making it easier for your website to rank on Google. A blog should cover popular topics in your area, or answer common questions in-depth. In addition to adhering to topics relevant to your industry, you should ensure that your blogs are unique and provide useful and relevant content. Blogs allow your business to consistently publish new content, making it easier for prospects to find you online.
  • Rethink your brand message – What sets you apart from the competition? Don’t be afraid to use that in your messaging. Do you value transparency? Customer service? What do you do to ensure that you’re the best in the industry? When you embark on any marketing campaign, you should put your brand’s message front and center. This is where you can get creative. Think about your audience and what they would appreciate about your brand, then get that message out to them.
  • Video Marketing – Videos ads are more effective than text-heavy sources. Whatever your company does, you can create a video marketing campaign this year that has simple how-to guides, “behind the process” videos, or footage showcasing your business’s quality work, products or services. Social media is great for video advertising. Short, quality videos can draw in new clients and broadcast your brand to interested parties in your target market.

If you’re not sure how to take the next step to improve your brand, contact the Advanté-BCS Team and speak with an expert about what you can do to improve your outreach. We have over 30 years of experience creating custom marketing plans for companies across a wide range of industries. Our expert team is cross-trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing and branding, from discovery and brand development to polished marketing campaigns that deliver valuable leads.