SEO Strategies to Grow Your Business Online

SEO Strategies to Grow Your Business Online

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are constantly changing. It takes expertise and vigilance to make sure that your company’s website can stay highly-ranked on Google and to make sure that potential clients are finding you on the web. Over the years, Google’s algorithms have become more user-friendly for consumers searching for products and services – but more difficult for businesses to navigate.

Reports show that just this year, Google has made over 3,000 updates, corrections, and adjustments to their algorithms. As a business owner, these changes from Google can seem daunting. You can save time and money and stay well-positioned in search engine results with a professionally-created website and an expert SEO team that optimize your website with best practices.

What Does it Take to Stay Well-Positioned in Google Rankings?

Websites are ranked by Google and other search engines based on a number of factors related to the content of their web pages, and how relevant that content is to the keywords a user has entered on the search engine. Google makes sure that the websites featured highly in their rankings are quality. This means that when people click on a site, they’re staying there and absorbing the information presented. The information on the website must be accurate, useful, and consistently updated. Additionally, when users search for a business, Google now makes sure that the results show the three closest (and best rated) institutions based on location.

Making sure that your business stays well-positioned in Google rankings is vital. Your website needs organic traffic in addition to paid advertising to succeed. In many cases, if your search engine optimization results are successful, you may find your website climbing to the top page of search results and you may be able to decrease your spend for paid Google ads.

Tips on Creating SEO-Focused Content

There’s no one solution to ranking well in a search engine. You should consult an agency that specializes in formatting websites according to internet algorithms. Google has over 200 ranking factors that incorporate everything from domain names to image description text.

You’ll notice that using the correct keywords for your industry is essential, but you must do so organically. Otherwise, the search engine will see this as an attempt to manipulate the rankings and drop your site from its top positions. High-quality website copywriting done with SEO in mind can lay a foundation for content that is keyword-savvy and organically-written.

One of the most important things about your website’s content is the way links are structured throughout. This means that anchor text is always different, that pages are connected and drive traffic to the site’s main pages (rather than all over the place), and that external links come from quality sources.

Another way to rank well in Google is to make sure you have a blog that gets updated regularly, at least once a month. Creating a blog is a great way to make sure your website stays updated with timely content, which is something algorithms look for. Websites left unattended for years are unlikely to rank well. Additionally, blogs give business owners a chance to show their expertise in their area and add pages with keywords that people are looking for.

SEO Marketing for Small Businesses

Keeping track of the best SEO practices and ranking factors can be a huge undertaking. If you’re not up for optimizing your business’s website yourself, call Advanté-BCS and speak to an expert about what you can do to increase traffic to your website and increase your ROI along the way! Our experts take the time to get to know individual businesses before adopting the best plan of action to improve your SEO marketing strategies.