Do You Have Enough Salespeople to Handle Additional Leads?

Atmosphere brainstorming session of a startup company

Once your business begins to expand and bring in new leads and clients, it can feel like a scramble to keep up with increasing demand. 

It’s important to start managing this demand at the source – by ensuring your sales team is well-staffed and able to keep up with demand.

Each new sales staff member you hire will be different, and you need to ensure they’re trained to handle each client’s varying needs. 

Here’s what you need to know about keeping your sales staff prepared for additional leads.

Know When It’s Time to Hire More Staff

You’ll want to wait until it is financially feasible to hire new staff, but you also don’t want to leave your current team overburdened with work because then productivity suffers. 

Consider a few points if you’re not sure you have enough salespeople. 

  • Is my current staff using their time productively? 
  • Are sales quotas being met on a regular basis?
  • Are there improvements we could make to our processes so that existing staff is better trained and better able to serve clients?
  • Do my salespeople have a manageable amount of work or are they overburdened with too many clients?
  • Is necessary work being done, or are things left by the wayside because staff members have been truly busy?

One key thing to consider is your closing percentage. If you find that your salespeople’s closing ratio has declined, that’s often an indicator that they are fielding too many sales leads.

Sometimes it can be challenging to notice pain points or overworked staff members when day-to-day operations become busy. 

Sitting down with staff members or taking surveys to see what other resources they need can help, as can one-on-one meetings between the sales team and management to discuss the current and upcoming workload.

The Right Time to Hire New Salespeople

If you’ve spoken with your sales team and found that bringing on more team members is the best way to ease workplace burdens, here are some tips.

You’ll want to ensure you have adequate staff before things get too overwhelming. Once your current sales staff feels overwhelmed or overworked, that can be detrimental to an expanding business, so you’ll want to consider hiring before sales leads get to an unmanageable point. Make sure you’re hiring the appropriate people at the right time.

Once you feel that your company is in a good position to hire new sales staff, consider how your recruitment efforts will look. There are a variety of staffing solutions, and all work to varying degrees of success depending on your industry.

Make sure to put the time in to find the right people. Otherwise, your current sales staff will become overburdened and unhappy, and productivity will decrease.

These days, many companies opt for digital recruitment marketing, a strategy that highlights your company’s benefits to potential applicants, similar in many ways to a traditional branding campaign. Recruitment marketing can help increase the volume of applicants and help match companies with better-qualified candidates.

Need Help Recruiting New Sales Staff?

Advanté-BCS can help you create marketing strategies that bring in many new sales leads. We also offer a Digital Employment Presence™ service to help match you with top talent to meet your organization’s scaling needs. Call us at 804-788-0048 or get in touch online to talk to us about marketing services that will help grow your business.