4 Logo Design Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

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A logo is the most instantly recognizable piece of your business’s branding. It symbolizes your brand and is the driving force behind making a great first impression. For small businesses and industry leaders, logo design is an invaluable part of your marketing strategy – in fact, we encourage business owners to look at logo design as the first investment into a successful brand. There are tons of direct benefits to a professionally-designed logo.

Still not sure exactly how important logo design is? These four statistics show how much of an impact a phenomenal logo can make.

Statistic: Over 90% of the world’s population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo. (Source)

Why it’s relevant: It’s vital to realize the gravity and reach a logo can have. Logo design drives brand recognition for companies large and small. Even if you’re not a multinational conglomerate, a well-designed logo will get your business the recognition it deserves within your industry and among local consumers. 

The relevant point to take away from this statistic is that people value and remember the visual language of your branding, including your logo. Logos should be unique, attention-grabbing, and relevant to your business. When people think of soft drinks, they think of the refreshing taste of Coke. When they think of the services you provide, you want them to think of your business in the same trustworthy and favorable way.

Statistic: The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. (Source)

Why it’s relevant: Keep this statistic in mind when you consider the value that a logo and cohesive imagery add to your brand. Studies have shown that people react to and remember visuals far more quickly and easily than text. When you also consider that it only takes seconds for a prospect to decide whether or not they want to learn more about your business, this factor becomes vital. 

To add to this fact, researchers have measured that it only takes five to seven impressions of a logo to remember it. You’ll want to make sure that the quickly-formed image people have in mind for your brand reflects what you truly stand for as a company.

Statistic: Shell’s classic logo originated from its first line of business – selling oriental seashells in the west. It’s been a classic that has been upgraded since 1833. (Source)

Why it’s relevant: This may seem like an odd statistic to throw in, but, there’s a point here about what makes a successful logo. The best logos speak to a brand’s values and origins. Customers appreciate authenticity and history! A company’s history can be celebrated through re-imagined logo designs that draw upon their classic brand image, or by incorporating symbols and imagery that speak to what’s at the heart of a business.

Most businesses benefit from a refreshed design that keeps up with modern trends while still honoring the history of the logo and the brand it represents. Major companies like Facebook, Instagram, MasterCard, and dozens of others make small upgrades to their logos every few years to stay fresh and top-of-mind among consumers  – something you can benefit from as well!

Statistic: Major corporations have been studying the impact of visual branding since the 1970’s and taking advantage of the results. (Source)

Why it’s relevant: Though logo design and advertising have existed for hundreds of years, many of the most successful corporations around the world began really digging deep into the importance of their visual identity around the 1970’s. Since this point in time, companies that are hesitant, unwilling to upgrade, or stuck in the past have unfortunately had a tough time competing. 

On a smaller scale, you may find that debuting a new logo puts you leagues ahead of your competition. Many small or growing businesses do not understand the importance of capitalizing on brand identity at all, let alone developing an improved one with a new logo at the forefront. Your business can take a tip from the pros and get ahead of competition with a new, expertly-designed logo.

How To Put Your Brand’s Best Face Forward With A Logo

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