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Logo Design

Put Your Brand’s Best Face Forward With A Compelling Logo

A logo sparks curiosity about what your business has to offer and helps you find new clients by attracting and delighting them with a memorable, at-a-glance image of your brand. First impressions are essential, so why leave prospects with anything other than a fantastic first glance into what you have to offer?

Keep in mind that you’ll need to use your logo across many different types of media in today’s world. Your logo needs to look good not just on your letterhead but across many digital marketing channels, including online directories, social media pages, customer-facing portals, and paid online ads. Your logo needs to be adaptable for its intended use with varying standards for aspect ratio and sizing.

There are a lot of cheap online logo creation solutions. However, we have worked with many clients who hoped to save some money but could never complete their logo design project using these solutions. Trying to save with a cheap solution often ends up costing you in the long run, whether it’s because of an unfinished project or an undesirable logo that drives away new buyers.


Advanté-BCS has a refined process and experience in creating logos for diverse industries, including attorneys, home services, healthcare providers, professional associations, commercial real estate development, and local government agencies. This assures that we’ll be able to work with you in an organized and efficient manner to create a winning logo and stay on budget.

Our Logo Design Process:

Discovery – We use the discovery process to learn about your brand and implement that information into our logo design to craft the symbolic essence of your company.

Conceptualization – Our design teams will look at options, fonts, and colors and create a logo for your approval. As our client, you’ll be involved in the process, and your feedback will help shape the uniqueness of your logo.

Implementation – Logos should look good on all of your marketing materials – print and digital. We’ll update your site and other collateral with your new logo that’s guaranteed to look great anywhere, at any size.

Delivery – We deliver a logo in the various formats needed for print and digital advertising.

Branding – We can optionally provide a brand style guide that assures your logo is used correctly in marketing campaigns.

At Advanté-BCS, one of our primary goals is to help you build a brand for your business, and logo design is one of the foundational elements of this journey. It’s the core foundation that will be used for years in your successful marketing initiatives.


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Advanté-BCS worked with us to expand our digital marketing to reach potential plaintiffs for select mass torts. Along the way, they also assisted with solutions for digital document signing that allowed us to streamline our client intake processes. Their team is quick to respond to support requests and act on new opportunities, and their efforts have helped us secure 3,000 new clients. They are a valuable part of our ability to secure clients. Emmet D. Alexander Founder | Alexander Law Group

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