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Logo Design

A logo is the face of the company. This important marketing factory becomes synonymous with your brand’s name, which is why you should invest in experts who can create a logo that is timeless.

Don’t allow your brand to present a sub-par logo. If you don’t love it, chances are neither will your clients. A modern, clean, and professional logo speaks volumes to potential customers. Not having a logo, or worse, having a messy or displeasing logo can drive away individuals who would otherwise want your services. A company’s logo has to use an appropriate font, colors, and design principles to be successful.

Logo Design Strategies and Services

  • Discovery – We use the discovery process to learn about your brand and implement that information into our logo design to create a symbolic essence of your company.
  • Conceptualizing a logo – Our design teams will look at options, fonts, and colors and create a logo for your approval. As our client, you’ll be involved in the process and your feedback will help shape the uniqueness of your logo.
  • Implementation – Logos should look good splashed across websites, business cards, and other advertisements. We’ll update your site and other designs with a high-quality image that will not break if resized.

We understand the importance of building a brand, not just a company. At Advanté-BCS, we have experts that understand the marketing strategies behind creating a logo. Our designs are created to make an impact, grab attention, and provide the foundation for your brand’s future.

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