When Was The Last Time You Had a Website Checkup?

Website CheckupYour website is the foundation of your business, it’s the hub for all digital marketing efforts. It is important to make sure your website is engaging, operating smoothly, and looks good. After all, it is the first impression many potential customers will see.

A newly launched website that is up-and-running will need to be continuously reviewed to ensure functionality and quality since it is essential to your business, so when was the last time a website audit was performed to identify potential issues or weaknesses?

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis of the overall performance, visibility, and functionality of your website. It will focus on not just user experience like navigation, design, and load speed, but metrics such as search performance, lead conversion, and any other factors regarding maintenance and technical errors. To ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and users, a website audit conducted by an industry expert needs to be a priority.

How Often Should a Website Audit Be Performed?

Just like you would see the doctor for an annual checkup, you need to know the health of your website which should be reviewed at a minimum once a year, but ideally, every 6 months. Regular website audits allow you to stay afloat in a sea of competition and be abreast of necessary adjustments or technical issues that require immediate attention.

The Benefits of a Website Audit

There are different types of website audits, like SEO or technical but our approach is a comprehensive analysis of your website. There are many moving parts to a functioning, user-friendly website but it needs to be viewed as a whole which is why we provide a report on the status of key elements.

There are hundreds of details that we check when developing or redesigning a website to assure no important items are overlooked so you know what needs to be a priority when it comes to updating your website.

Here are some of the fundamental components for website optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Taking a look at your SEO practices can give you the opportunity to identify any missed SEO opportunities that could improve your efforts and adjust any tactics that are outdated or not up to par with SEO standards.

When it comes to on-page and off-page optimization, both are important and you need to think not just about search engine ranking, but user experience. Analysis of keyword use, metadata, and technical SEO are just a few of the elements that contribute to your website ranking.

Identify Potential Issues

A website audit can identify potential problems ranging from errors and orphan pages to security and privacy concerns. There needs to be a significant emphasis on website security if you are collecting and storing customer information. You want to ensure your website is secure and resilient in the event of IT threats as well as keep customer information protected.

Broken internal links are also a common find, giving us the opportunity to update or redirect so there is no disruption in the user experience. We also look at inner pages to make sure there is display consistency with appropriate content and CTA elements.

Website Performance

Examining your website’s overall performance gives us the ability to discover areas that need improvement—this can range from design, load speed, relevant content, accessibility, and navigation, among others.

Updating these common areas allow for better user engagement and experience, which ultimately can improve bounce rates, authority, and let you reevaluate your lead generation and any overlooked opportunities to convert visitors into leads with prominent CTAs and engaging landing pages.

What Should You Do Now?

We know that website audits give ample opportunity for positioning your business ahead of your competitors and remaining on top of key trends with enhanced user experience. Not all websites are created equal which is why we provide a comprehensive report with a standardized checklist to assure no important details are overlooked.

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing efforts, so audits are necessary and essential for business growth. If you notice a decline in your website traffic or load speeds are steadily increasing, we can help.

To request a website audit, fill out the form below and an expert from our marketing team will be in touch with you.