How Your Logo Design Can Change Your Brand

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As a business owner, you know that your logo is essential. It represents your image, your values, and your entire company. But you may wonder – what exactly are the benefits of an excellent logo? Those looking to grow their business and brand should know the ins and outs of investing in logo design.

Before you set out to design or redesign your logo, you should lay out a few goals and discuss them with your team: Are you looking to build your brand and see more customer loyalty? How are you going to use the new logo on social media, websites, and print marketing? What key concepts about your business do you want to convey to customers at a glance?

It’s a good idea to understand your goals, ideas, and concerns to make sure you’re getting what you need. Once you have the basics worked out, you’re ready to pursue a new logo. Here are a few ways that a fresh logo design can help improve your brand.

Gain Recognition

A good logo is iconic and recognizable at a glance. Successful companies get it right and create an international symbol that’s recognizable anywhere. This rings true for businesses of all sizes, from the world’s leading brands to successful small businesses. Although you may not have the same reach as internationally-recognized brands, your logo will still inspire the same type of recognition within your industry. You want your customers to picture your company’s logo in their minds when they think of you. It’s also a good idea to make your logo recognizable to other businesses and professionals in your industry.

Brand recognition improves sales. According to economists and experts, investing in your logo and web design should be considered vital and has many indirect effects that all contribute to eventual profits. People pay for brands, and a good logo is an investment in that branding.

Build Trust

There’s something important that a logo does for a brand: it builds trust. We live in a visual world, and many customers make quick judgments about a business based on their key visuals. Your job is to impress them with your logo quickly. When customers see a high-quality, recognizable logo, they will be more likely to trust you and remember your business. If a potential customer sees that your logo is out-of-date, non-existent, or generally low-quality, unfortunately, they’ll be less likely to give your brand a chance.

Stand Out Against Competition

Think about how many companies out there produce great experiences for their customers. In every industry, there are thousands of committed, easy-to-work-with professionals ready to help. With that much competition out there, you have to give your business a boost. To stay relevant and up on the competition, make sure your logo stays fresh, clean, relevant, and stands out from competitors in your field. When you level up your image, your whole company benefits.

Get A Fresh Look For Your Business

If you need help with logo design, have an idea you want to bring to life, or just need to revamp your brand, contact the branding experts at Advanté-BCS. Our team has more than 30 years of experience working with independently-owned businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. If you feel it is time to give your company that leg up on the competition, we’re here and ready to help you create a brand new image that will help you stand out.