How To Manage Time When Sales Skyrocket

How To Manage Time When Sales Skyrocket

Being booked months in advance is great for most businesses. However, an influx of sales may lead to you and your team being overbooked with clients and wondering how you’ll serve them all.

There are a few ways to manage your time after a successful marketing campaign brings in more sales than you expected. You can hire more staff, retrain your sales staff, categorize your leads, and improve your technology – but all in all, what you need most is effective time management.

Here are some tips on how to manage your business’s time effectively when sales skyrocket.

1. Invest In A Great CRM

One of the most vital aspects of accommodating an inflow of new sales and clients, is making sure it’s easy to manage their information!

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you keep track of clients and appointments, and can give insights into how booked up your employees are. This information, in turn, will help you plan your next steps, schedule work internally, and help you decide if you need more staff or free time in order to make the customer experience great.

Some CRM software even offers a calendar or scheduling tool that can be added to your website so potential clients can book their own appointments when it’s convenient for them.

2. Be Realistic

Make sure you understand your capabilities and how much time your staff has for each project and between appointments.

It’s all too easy to overbook when the prospect of incoming sales is on the horizon, but make sure you leave time for your staff to provide excellent service and manage their work throughout the day.

It’s also vital to leave room for error in case appointments go longer than expected or other roadblocks occur during the workday.

3. Consider Adding A Deposit Fee

Depending on your industry, you may want to have a small booking or deposit fee to keep the appointment.

This helps keep your business in cash flow and at the same time is a way to encourage people to keep their appointments, even months in advance.

Otherwise, if your industry allows, you can also have a free initial appointment or consultation as an incentive for clients to keep appointments.

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