How to Make Social Media Posts in 2023

How to Make Social Media Posts in 2023Social media isn’t the easiest way to advertise if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, most business owners aren’t social media experts. Most young people seem to have a better grasp of Instagram and Facebook, but that doesn’t always mean that posts do well. 

By now, it’s pretty common knowledge that you have to post at certain times of the day for anyone to see your content. There are also about seven social media sites requiring different types of content. Plus, with the ever-changing algorithm, you must be able to change up your content strategy frequently. So, here are our best, most realistic solutions for making social media posts in 2023. 

Choose a Few Social Media Sites

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and now TikTok all seem like requirements for every business. While these are the top social media sites, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to engage with each one. You must be realistic with your content strategy for it to work. Depending on your capability, you should choose just two or three social media accounts to start with. If you have a team dedicated to researching and making posts on all the social media sites, that’s great. Most independently-owned businesses don’t. Most online companies are just run by the owner, and it’s challenging to handle social media alone. 

First, identify your target audience’s favorite social media site. Are you making the most sales or connections through Facebook? Instagram? Or is your audience into your TikTok videos? Start by using the site that your customer base uses. 

Honest Content and Interaction

The other thing that will get you more business through social media is interacting with your follower base. Posting honest content that doesn’t read as sales-y will significantly help. While you want to post things related to your business, you can’t be afraid to start a conversation in the comments or repost relatable photos, memes, and videos from other content creators. Responding to people in your comments and DMs will make them far more likely to use your services. Individuals don’t want to be just sold to on social media. They are there for good content or to be social. 

The Power of Short-Form Videos

Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube channels are the best way to get going on social media. Accounts that only post photos won’t have the same reach. Videos aren’t easy to make! Ideal reels should be 7 to 15 seconds. They also use popular or trendy audio clips. Now is the time to start if you haven’t begun posting reels on Instagram or TikTok. Just start with doing a few each week. 

You want to choose a trend that’s relatable to your business. Or, if you’re creative, you can figure out how to make the latest trend correlate to your company. Remember to keep posting consistently. You will start to amass a following. Quality counts! Only put up your best, edited photos and videos. 

Hire a Social Media Team

If you can’t have your own in-house team handling your social media, the next best thing is to hire someone! At Advanté-BCS, we have a team of experts that are ready to manage your social media accounts. You have a business to run, so our social media squad will handle that marketing aspect while you focus on the clients coming in. To speak with a professional about what you can do with your social media accounts, call us at 804-788-0048 or get more info online.