How to Hack 2023 Popular Social Media Algorithms

How to Hack 2023 Popular Social Media Algorithms
Every business, large and small, has to make an attempt to maintain a successful social media account. Social media algorithms are the key to advertising online these days, and it’s important to understand how these formulas work before attempting to run a successful campaign. It becomes even more complicated when each site has its own algorithms and rules for what content does well.

Managers, social media teams, and independent business owners are all looking for ways to hack the algorithm for 2023. Here’s what we know about social media algorithms that can help your brand in the upcoming year.

1) Video, Video, Video!

Have you begun making videos yet? With the introduction of TikTok a few years ago (which every business owner should use!), video content began dominating over the usual text and photography posts that older users have become accustomed to seeing. TikTok sees millions of users every day, Instagram prioritizes “reels,” and even Facebook introduced “stories.” 

Do you find yourself hesitating or feeling like you don’t have the technological skills (or time!) to make these reels? Start with simple changes! You or your employees should consistently take photos and videos of what you do! Whether your business is construction or e-commerce, you can take videos of your process, final product, or even feature your employees. 

Both TikTok and Instagram offer a number of features to make your videos look cool and help you time them to music or another popular sound. Using trending sounds is a great way to get your video noticed. It’s vital to keep in mind that users don’t want to see more ads. They’re already inundated with those. Users are looking for content to engage with. If your video can make a user laugh, or is thought-provoking or satisfying to look at, they’ll likely check out your page and your services.

2) Engaging With Your Audience

Often, people have no idea why they aren’t getting views and likes on their posts. Instagram boosts active users. Being active attracts attention naturally! If you’re not usually a user of social media, you either have to start or hire someone. By liking and commenting on other people’s posts, reposting their content, and scrolling through videos, you can boost your likes and follows. 

When you’re active in a community, people get to know your name and what you do and itworks the same online. Respond to comments on your posts as quickly as you can—responding within 3 hours of their comment boosts your post. Repost relevant content in your stories, and you may get a shoutout from someone with many followers. Use polls in your stories or videos or even ask opinion questions in your caption to get your audience to participate. 

3) Utilize All the Sites

If you’re not on TikTok yet, you should get on it. You don’t necessarily have to post things that take a ton of time, but even short videos with trending audio can boost your brand’s online presence. Even though Facebook isn’t as popular for certain businesses anymore, it does add some value and engages with a different customer base. 

Post consistently throughout all of your accounts. If you can only manage a post twice a month, that’s fine, as long as you do it! You can post on different days and see what schedule fits your audience best. Social media sites offer access to data analytics, so check to see what day and time you are getting the most engagement to schedule ahead.

If you can’t quite figure out a social media strategy that works for your brand, why not bring in the professionals? 

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