Hiring a Website Design Company vs. Using Online Tools

Hiring a Website Design Company vs. Using Online Tools

When your company’s website is outdated, cluttered, or simply not bringing in the needed clients, it’s time for an update. Statistics show that 88% of consumers visit a business’s site from a mobile phone, and if they like the site, they will contact that business within 24 hours.

It takes a potential customer only a few moments on your website to decide if they are going to stay or leave. Websites are not considered user-friendly if they take too long to load, aren’t formatted correctly, and don’t have engaging graphics, imaging, or valuable content.

Unless you’re a professional designer with knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s best to have a website design company set you up for success with a new website. 

Website design is a multistep process and we know businesses are unique, so it is important to have a custom tailored website that serves as the foundation for your digital marketing success.

Reasons Users Choose DIY Online Tools for a Website

There are benefits to using an online tool like Wix to create your own website. You’re responsible for everything, from the text to link placement to finding photos to use so it is hands-on and allows you to become familiar with your own website navigation and accessibility.

Website tools also offer many choices for basic website layouts, so no matter your business, you can find an automated format that will connect to your blog, online store, or portfolio. 

The biggest pro of using DIY tools to make a website is cost. You’ll pay a basic amount for your URL and another amount for hosting. This is a winning option for companies that are not yet established and don’t have the budget for proper marketing tools yet.

Cons of Using DIY Tools to Build Your Site

While it costs you much less to design a site that way, you can expect that you’ll have to put a bunch of time into creating and designing your site – and time is money! Consider the cost of your own hours as you spend time on this. 

You may also miss key marketing tactics without professional design and marketing skills. For example, not knowing what kind of text to place or what to write to optimize for SEO opportunities. If your site isn’t coded correctly, text may appear as images, and you’ll miss out on all the hits that great copy can bring you.

While you can personalize almost everything with an online website builder, some designs are only possible with experienced coding, so more sophisticated sites will always hire a team of professionals. 

It’s also important to consider administrative support, which is often poor or nonexistent in DIY services. If your website has bugs or goes down, you’ll likely be responsible for troubleshooting or limited with the customer support that is provided, which may be much harder to recoup. 

We understand that some small businesses aren’t in the arena yet to spend a ton on websites and marketing, but there’s a reason almost every company does as soon as they can afford it. An excellent website can bring in thousands of new clients.

Why You Need Professional Website Building Services

It’s all about your ROI and bottom line – an investment in your online presence will pay off as new clients come your way. A professional team has all the skills necessary to build a user-friendly site, make sure it’s adaptable for mobile devices, and help you rank in Google and other search engines. 

Our process helps us create the best, most unique sites for each and every client. You’ll have the final say on text, design, photos, and every other asset. As you approve the design, our team will work on ensuring all the components of your website are up to the industry standard.

As an added bonus, our professional design team will be there with ongoing support should your website need updates, troubleshooting, or anything else to make your business’ online presence a success.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and update your digital footprint to reflect that, contact Advanté-BCS at (804) 788-0048.