Driving Traffic With Website Development, Explained

Driving Traffic With Website Development

Website traffic is important for companies of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized independent businesses. A key goal of hosting a website is to get enough traffic to your site that it translates into leads and sales. This objective, commonly known as your website’s conversion rate, depends on many different factors. Keeping up with all of the latest web trends can seem daunting to you as a business owner, but by updating your website in just a few simple and specific ways, you can see a big difference.

1. Improve Your Content – Aka, That “SEO” You Keep Hearing About

Search Engine Optimization is usually the first thing you read about when it comes to driving traffic to your website. By current standards, SEO is driven by useful, relevant content. This content is the pillar of the most successful websites you’ll find. Search engine algorithms help determine which websites have useful and valuable content by combing through the internet and looking for pages with keywords and key phrases that people search for. Good content also means that people get the answer they are looking for on your page. Search engines also try to list sites that are updated frequently and ones that users spend time on and click through.

SEO improvements can be made by working on your website’s content. The copy on your site is often your first introduction to a potential client. You want to gain their trust, and you want your site to be the place they go for service and answers. Make sure that your website’s content contains relevant keywords and can answer questions your customer base will have about your business. Update your website frequently with a blog, news stories, or anything else that continually positions you as an expert in your field.

2. Your Look – Website Design

Web users are savvy these days, and will be immediately turned off by a website that isn’t user-friendly, has bad graphics, or unclear information. Website design is related to customer’s trust in a big way. If your website looks old, the graphics are outdated, and there’s no clear call to action, you’ve lost a potential client. People want a good experience on the web, and a well-built, user-friendly website is a sign that this company is willing to invest in their customer’s experience.

Try looking around at other successful businesses in your industry or to the websites of large and well-known companies. See what they are doing visually and understand how this will help their customers’ experience online. Then, consider adopting some of these features for your own website.

3. Branding – The Thing That Makes You, You

Growing from business to brand is a big part of driving your sales. Branding is a multi-faceted set of elements that tie your business together, including a logo, design standards, and a mission that becomes synonymous with your company’s name. Branding increases the value of your company by building a reputation and making you more recognizable.

Because today’s population is so largely present online, solid branding is another fundamental improvement that you can make to your business to drive users to your website. Make sure that the content you have across various platforms – social media, paid online ads, your website – is consistent and delivers the same message. This will make it easier for customers to recognize you and keep you top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

4. Use a Professional Agency – Invest and Reap

Making sure that your website stays modern and up-to-date is more necessary than ever. The ongoing pandemic has forced many businesses to go fully online. If everyone’s shopping and looking for services online, you must make sure your business website stands out from the crowd. Businesses with a strong online presence that drive users to their website have been able to come out on top, even in more challenging times.

A dedicated marketing team can make sure that your site can handle traffic, your content is up to Google’s standards, your blog is always updated, and your brand and image make an impression. At Advanté-BCS, we have decades of experience working with companies in all industries to improve their website and brand. Reach out to us today to speak to an expert about improving your website to drive traffic. There’s a variety of ways we can help depending on your company’s needs.