Brochure Design Tips for Small Businesses

Brochure Design Tips for Small Businesses
Brochures are an effective marketing tool for most businesses in a time when nearly all materials have gone online. Even in 2023, brochures continue to work because they’re easy to make, print and distribute. If you use the right words and pictures, you can easily reach a broad audience in your local area, especially those in your communities that don’t necessarily Google everything.

Even if your whole city is online, a brochure is a straightforward and easy way to remind people of your business. Beautiful printed materials are a great way to show off elegant photos of your work, list your services, and engage with people differently. Here are a few brochure design tips for small businesses to help you create the best marketing materials. 

1. Pick Clear Fonts

Brochure design elements can delve deep, but you must first hit the main points. Make sure to pick a font that is clear and easy to read. Text size should be standard so that most people can read it. Finally, you want to choose colors that keep your words clear, like black on white or white on black. You’ll want to avoid colored text. 

2. Great Photos are Everything

The same goes for your website, but the key to selling your services is beautiful, high-quality images – preferably professionally taken. Some sites like Facebook and Instagram sell products because they provide clear, often-enhanced photos that look so enticing that people want to buy them. The same goes for printed materials. Don’t use stock images—that does nothing. You want to connect to people, show off your products, show other humans enjoying your products, and you’ll see a big difference in results. Put your best face forward!

3. Have a Clear Objective

Before you start drafting the text and choosing photos, you should have a clear goal for your brochure. You must always have a call to action on every marketing material. So if you’re looking to sell a particular service or product, hone in and end the brochure with an active message to your customer. Give your customer a reason to act immediately by providing a coupon, special deal, limited edition product, or service. 

4. Know Your Client Base

Not all services appeal to every human across age groups, and that’s okay. On average, you have to know the customer buying your product. Is it married couples with a certain income, women under 45, or someone else entirely? Once you know who you’re marketing to, you can choose a design layout that appeals to certain ages or demographics. 

5. Edit Your Copy, More Than Once

It would help if you also chose a professional to write that copy whenever possible. If you’re taking the time to print materials, assume that someone will read them. You want it to be exciting and catchy, but above all, free of errors. When potential customers read business materials with spelling and grammar mistakes, that absolutely affects their image of your company.

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