4 Ways to Handle Too Many Sales Leads

AEngaged motivated African American business leader talking to team

When a marketing campaign works out and brings you a ton of new leads, it feels amazing. However, some business owners may find themselves handling an excess of new leads after a successful marketing campaign.

Sometimes your company gets too many calls from enthusiastic potential customers, and if you don’t have enough staff or appointments, you may lose out. At the same time, there’s not much you can do if you just don’t have the staff or time to provide the service.

Here are four tips from our clients and experience to help you manage your new leads.

  1. Take the Time to Stop and Assess
    It may be hard to take the time away from keeping up with an influx of leads, but you should take a day with your staff to stop and plan.

    The best way to manage your time is to plan out and delegate tasks. Having a process like this in place will help your staff feel calm and prepared to manage new clients. Otherwise, they may feel overworked or unable to perform their duties.

    Make sure your sales staff know how to help incoming leads efficiently, and give your managers a plan of action should they find themselves overbooked.

    You can choose to prioritize certain clients, or split time-consuming tasks from quicker ones and create a schedule that would work. Allow your staff to be honest with your potential clients as well and let them know that while your company is busy, they are still a priority.

  2. Make Necessary Changes and Upgrades 
    If your business is inundated with clients, you must make sure your staff, supplies, and resources are kept up-to-date and can keep up with your needs.

    Is your website prepared to handle increased traffic? Are your staff’s electronics and software running seamlessly? Ensuring that your resources work well for staff and clients alike will save a ton of time and resources that you can then use to engage with new customers.

  3. Consider Pausing Some Marketing Campaigns
    Though you always want to keep on top of marketing, sometimes pausing certain campaigns can be necessary in order to keep up with demand.

    While overall branding efforts and campaigns that keep existing customers engaged should be in place at all times, you may want to consider pausing campaigns that focus on lead generation or conversions if your business is overbooked.

  4. Consider Hiring More Staff
    Hiring is difficult, especially when you’re already busy with a full schedule, but is a vital part of managing an influx of new business.

    Of course, new staff will require some training, so you will have to set some time aside. However, in the long run, if you want to continue to expand your business with more clients and restart a marketing campaign, you will need to keep your business well-staffed.

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