3 Ways Building a Digital Presence Can Help ROI

3 Ways Building a Digital Presence Can Help ROIBy 2022, most business owners know that an online presence is the best way to make a company profitable. Many businesses only exist online, with no physical space necessary. However, just existing online isn’t enough.

You must have a digital presence to get the recognition you seek. To keep potential customers on your page, you must invest in creating a site that is easy to use, interesting, and can keep people reading. Most individuals decide within five seconds if they want to use a company’s services, and most of that decision is based on how long the site takes to load and what it looks like.

An online presence means that clients will remember you and seek your products or services. They’ll visit your social media pages. They’ll recommend your company to friends. It’s about building a brand, as well as a digital space. Here are three ways to build your digital presence to help your ROI.

1. Make Sure Your Mobile Site is Friendly

Most people look for businesses, shop, and do just about everything from their phones. Whether you have your own app or just a site, you must ensure it works seamlessly on a mobile device. Quality is the number one factor here. Your mobile site or app should have all the same services and options as it does on the web browser.

Driving people to your mobile site or app is a part of having one. Whether you are spending on social media promotions or engaging in other forms of advertising — always give out your website or app info. You can even create a discount campaign for anyone using your online services as a way to boost engagement.

2. Keep Your Branding Consistent

As people discover your business, you want to turn your company name and logo into more than just a few words. You want it to be a recognizable brand. Individuals only learn to recognize brands if they see them everywhere. As you advertise, post blogs, make comments throughout social media, and keep your brand consistent. Not only should you keep the same logo for a while, but you can decide on a color scheme, catchphrase, or other values that are regularly repeated. When you or your copywriting team make these posts or create content, it’s also vital to keep up a brand voice. It sets you apart from the competition when clients can recognize your company.

3. Build a Community

This seems complicated online. Especially if you don’t have the kind of business that would go “viral.” Building a community doesn’t necessarily mean you must spend all your time online making posts to get a reaction. Building a community of clients starts with treating your existing clients very, very well. Give them your best customer service, a fully-functioning site, and great products, and they’ll continue to come back! Offer a slight promotion for those who recommend your business to their friends. Keep treating your clients well, and your company’s name will get out there!

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