10 Website Development Statistics You Can’t Afford to Ignore

10 Website Development Statistics You Can't Afford to Ignore
As you’re creating a media hub around your business, you’re likely to stop and wonder every once in a while if what you’re doing is completely necessary. If you’re unsure, you should always consult website development statistics, as they’ll tell you how important each stage and strategy will be to potential customers. Here are ten internet statistics you can’t afford to ignore if you’re a business owner. 

1) Over 60% of Customers Prefer Mobile Shopping Over Websites

A recent survey by Newstore shows that more than 60% of customers in the United States prefer to shop on their mobile phones. This statistic should have an immense effect on small businesses. Mobile-friendly website formats are the best way to reach new customers and convert potential clients into repeat shoppers. The fact that most commerce now takes place over mobile phones is significant for local businesses. Your company can reach an unprecedented audience all over the world. 

2) 86% of Users Want to See Relevant Information on a Homepage

In this 2015 marketing review, most users agreed that relevant information is vital. Get to the meat of your business right away, and you’ll attract a lot more clients. List your services, hours, and contact information in the right places, and watch how your business expands.

3) 57% of Users Won’t Recommend a Poorly Designed Website

This is from a survey conducted in 2015, so that number is likely higher as more people learn to use smart devices to shop. We all understand this one, right? Your website is how you present your company to the world, and slow loading times, blurry photos, spelling errors, and other mistakes won’t cut it. People are wary of entering their personal information or contacting anyone off the internet if the website doesn’t look legit or professional, which is an easy fix for most websites!

4) People are Split on Shopping on Mobile Phones vs. Computers

A Forbes piece last year pointed out that 51% of online shoppers say it is more accessible to shop via the computer versus on their smartphones. This isn’t a considerable margin at all, so people are still splitting their business between mobile and website browsing – so it’s essential to make sure both are up-to-date and running smoothly!

5) 52% of People are Unlikely to Engage With a Company With a Bad Website

Shopping online has a lot of the same elements as shopping in person. Just as most people wouldn’t go back to a brick-and-mortar business that was slow or frustrating, they don’t want to return to a website that gave them problems, and that comes straight from Google’s survey team.

6) 70% of Small Business Websites Don’t Have a Clear Call to Action

This handy marketing infographic from 2017 shows us a few things, including that most small business websites are missing the three things customers look for most, like a clear call to action. The top three things users want to see when they search for your business are products and services, contact information, and company information or an about page. Be more precise in your message and services, and see how your client numbers can pop. 

7) Customers prefer mobile Apps from Ages 18-44

According to experts, this wide age range makes things even more interesting, as individuals aged 18-44 have many varying needs. This also helps businesses whose clientele is 44 and up, as those users will likely prefer to shop over the website or even in person if they’re local and require various marketing practices. 

8) Long Loading Times are the Number One Reason People Leave

Every expert will tell you that if your website takes more than a second or two to load, your potential customer will immediately go back and move on to the next competitor. With that, the images on your website must load in under 5 seconds. To do this, you must ensure great network hosting and a professionally built site that provides consistent results. 

9) Large, High-Quality Images are Preferred

A range of studies over the years show that users focus on the page’s look, especially the photos, to determine if they want to engage with a business. Unique, high-quality images are vital! Stock photos are okay, but most people want candid photos of your business, products, and services. This is your time to shine. Put your best projects forward, learn to take good pictures on your smartphones, or work with a photographer so your website can be full of content that makes an impression. 

10) 61% of eMail Opens Happened on Mobile Phones

In a surprisingly good turn, email opens have increased by 3.5% in the last year and have continued to grow over the previous three years, thanks to mobile phone usage. Some industries have better open rates than others, like education, agriculture industry businesses, restaurants, and financial services. Retail stores have the lowest open rates but have increased the most over recent years. So, don’t count out emails just yet. Use them to your advantage by providing occasional, exclusive sales— don’t spam any inboxes—and you may benefit!

What do you do with all these website statistics? When competition is fierce, the slightest website mishap can send your potential customers running. At the same time, nothing can be perfect, including a website. The best you can do is focus on creating a user-friendly experience and showcasing your business’ unique products and services. For a unique approach to website and content management, call Advanté-BCS at 804-788-0048 or contact us online and start getting ahead of the competition.