Frank Petrov

Joomla! 3 Certified Administrator Frank held an upper sales management position within a multi-state company in the late 1990s. He was inspired by what he knew had the potential to change marketing forever. It was a website he saw while browsing the internet in 1996 that opened his eyes to the exciting future and potential of online marketing.

He launched an electronic payment company in 1999 and marketed exclusively online with a slick website and digital advertising. While achieving great success with his own venture, he realized the opportunity to branch out and guide clients forward to reach their business goals with website design and search engine optimization services.

Growing BCS Website Services from a “part-time business” to a company serving hundreds of clients, Frank emerged as one of the sharpest minds in digital marketing. What started with his clear vision and drive to help clients succeed in a new digital medium ripe with potential, evolved to encompass more traditional forms of marketing such as digital and print.

The merger with Advanté Advertising brought two top-notch teams together. Combining their experience and skills in print marketing, advertising, digital marketing, and customized websites has resulted in superb client satisfaction and growth. Frank is proud that he earned a reputation as one of the most committed client partners in the industry.

“I’m always thankful for the trust that clients have placed in me to help grow their companies; and the mentorship from leading marketers that has also been such a key component of my success. These outstanding people have all motivated me to work even harder and push myself and our team to new levels of client satisfaction and marketing excellence. Working with clients to reach their goals whether it’s marketing, rebranding, or any other vision they may have, is my number one priority.”