Smiley’s Glass Case Study

How Creativity and Ingenuity Turned a Radio Ad into a Popular Video Ad Campaign Case Study: Smiley’s Glass

Smiley’s Glass is a local Richmond, VA business that’s proudly been serving clients for over 50 years. As a family business that’s been handed down, they already had a number of loyal customers they’ve collected over the years through radio, newspaper, and online ads. Like any other company, they realized it’s time to modernize and capitalize on some of the great digital marketing the web has to offer, so they turned to Advanté-BCS.

Smiley’s Glass

The team at Advante-BCS creates unique marketing campaigns for each company they work with. By testing ads in different spaces, Advanté-BCS makes sure companies aren’t wasting their time and money advertising in spaces where they’re not finding success. At the same time, we know how to take advantage of campaigns that do work.

Statistics show that 92 percent of online B2B prospects watch and prefer video content. The same study found that one-third of clients are making purchases after watching online ads. There are a few reasons for this. Turning a radio campaign into a social media campaign rejuvenates the brand. It shows prospective clients that you’re professional, legitimate, and active. The internet is a place for information, where people go specifically to research and learn (as much as they do to have fun), and enterprises can take advantage of that.

Smiley’s Glass had already been running a successful radio ad campaign for a number of years. After taking the time to analyze Smiley’s main demographic, Advante-BCS was able to take that radio campaign even further. Our creative team took the audio from the radio commercials and created compelling 30-second videos specially tailored for an online audience – growing Smiley’s visibility and increasing sales!

The videos were shared through the company’s social media pages on Facebook and YouTube, and ended up getting over 90,000 views in one year. This is a great start for a local business! The short but captivating videos are perfect for an online audience, who tend to prefer visuals. By increasing the online presence of Smiley’s Glass through professional digital marketing tactics, we were able to rebrand the company for a new generation – as well as remind their old clients that their business is healthy and operating.

Some clients want the full scope of our online marketing services, while others pick and choose what’s right for them. Adapting SEO, increasing local visibility, online advertising, social media presence, and blogs across industries are all a part of what we do. We work with our clients to make sure every company can utilize their own creativity – with the result being a custom marketing campaign that’s exclusive and fresh.

We believe that if your business keeps up with the latest technologies and trends, and offers the best service out there, you have a responsibility to advertise that to the world. We saw the potential in Smiley’s radio ad campaign and ran with it. At Advante-BCS we’re not afraid to make big moves so that the businesses we work with can also make big moves.