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Let’s face it – competition is fierce in the world of pest control, and choosing the right kind of advertising that allows you to get an edge on the competition is tough. Both traditional and digital media are standard in pest control marketing, and it’s easy to rack up advertising costs trying to find the right strategies and advertising channels for your business.

Breaking into the oversaturated market of Digital Marketing for pest control companies can be tough. You need to ensure that your pest control advertising dollars are going toward ads marketed at the right demographics, and you also need to ensure that your company makes a unique impression in a sea of competitors.

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With fierce competition and an abundance of pest control advertising channels, how do you gain an edge in online marketing?

A well-managed Digital Marketing campaign for your pest control company will help you stand out by focusing on the unique aspects of your business and choosing the right local advertising channels that are best suited to ensure your success. A pest control marketing agency will be well-suited to steer your marketing in the right direction with winning strategies that attract more leads and grow your business.

Pest Control Websites

We ensure that your Digital Marketing campaigns start off on the right foot with a well-designed website optimized for search engines and digital ads. Website content is expertly crafted to resonate with your target clientele and generate interest in your services by establishing you as a trusted pest control company.


Pest Control SEO

Search Engine Optimization is always at the heart of our efforts when marketing your company because we understand how crucial local SEO is to pest control companies. We ensure that your website and landing pages stay visible to the most relevant local clients. We also ensure that map and service directory listings for your company are optimized so that you can make the right impression with prospects wherever they discover you.

Pest Control PPC Ads

Pay-per-click digital ad campaigns will ensure that your company gets the most out of each advertising dollar while reaching the most qualified leads in your area. PPC ads will bring in a steady stream of sales prospects, gearing you up for success that will contribute to your long-term growth and financial success.

We stay on top of the latest PPC strategies, continually doing research that will ensure your cost-per-click on ads stays low and the number of leads coming in stays high, which is crucial for optimal pest control marketing.


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Social Media Marketing

With many customers connecting with pest control companies on sites like Facebook, you’ll want to build out your digital presence on social media to ensure that you’re keeping in touch with your audience. An established social media presence will allow you to manage and respond to feedback on these channels in real time, something today’s customer base demands more and more.

In addition to building awareness of your brand and managing your image and reputation, digital marketing should also help build a community of fans online. Facebook and Instagram ads, in particular, allow you to target specific demographics and interests that are more likely to reach the most qualified leads.

Our Digital Marketing program is proven to work for established pest control companies.

See how we helped a pest control company grow from 5 employees to the local branch of an international pest company through Digital Presence Marketing.

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