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Explore New Forms Of Social Media Advertising

While Facebook is the leading provider of social media advertising in the United States, opportunities for advertising to your target audience on social media are not limited to their platforms. The options for Social Media Advertising are as vast as the number of social media websites themselves, and each presents a unique advertising opportunity depending on your industry and target market.

Choosing other Social Media Advertising providers is mostly a matter of your industry as well as your advertising capabilities. We’ll explore a few of the most popular options, but feel free to reach out to the Advanté-BCS team if you have any questions about social media advertising outside of the examples mentioned. We’re always happy to apply our vast experience to create advertising campaigns on any platform.

Reach A Professional Market With LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking social media site in the nation and offers great advertising opportunities for businesses that market to executives, professionals, or other companies.

A fantastic opportunity for advertising on LinkedIn is to promote corporate events, webinars, or conferences. Because of the platform’s userbase, you will be able to ensure that your event is marketed toward the groups of professionals most likely to attend, and LinkedIn’s granular targeting features allow you to reach only the specific industries and demographics relevant to your business. This is especially useful for promoting webinars, where advertising can reach attendees across the country who may not otherwise attend in-person events.

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LinkedIn is also a great way to branch out if your business needs to run Hiring Ads. Their Talent Solutions platform helps businesses promote jobs to qualified candidates and can even reach potential applicants directly through their LinkedIn profile notifications.


If your business is looking to advertise to a vast network of professionals and other businesses, we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the possibilities of advertising on LinkedIn.

YouTube Ads Put Your Brand In Motion

It’s no secret that Video Advertising is one of the most compelling forms of marketing in this day and age. Users’ attention is limited with so much happening on most websites these days, and video ads give you the chance to grab attention in unique ways.

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, as well as its second-largest search engine. Video Ads hosted there have the potential to reach incredibly large audiences while they browse not just for entertainment but also for educational and information search purposes. YouTube Ads have become a huge industry, and the relative ease of running ads on the platform allows for businesses of all sizes to make an impression in front of millions of users.


If you have the marketing budget to produce Video Ads, we strongly recommend exploring options for advertising on YouTube. A trusted Digital Marketing agency like Advanté-BCS can help you find success by producing stunning videos and running winning advertising campaigns on YouTube that will translate into qualified sales leads for your business.

Branch Out On Other Social Media Sites

Almost every social media platform offers some kind of paid advertising option. While we encourage new clients to focus on more common providers when they get started with Social Media Ads, opportunities to branch out are certainly available, and our team can help guide you to success on any platform you feel is a good fit for your business once you have an established Digital Presence.

If you feel that advertising outside on social media platforms outside of Facebook and Instagram could be a good fit for your business, we encourage you to reach out to our team to begin charting a course for your success. We’re always happy to help clients craft winning ad campaigns on any platform.

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