logo design

4 Logo Design Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

A logo is the most instantly recognizable piece of your business’s branding. It symbolizes your brand and is the driving force behind making a great first impression. For small businesses and industry leaders, logo design is an invaluable part of your marketing strategy - in fact, we encourage business owners ...
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Picking the Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Brand

These days, a solid Digital Marketing campaign is essential to ensuring your brand’s success. In fact, in many ways, it IS your brand! Your Digital Marketing efforts must be well-orchestrated and meaningful to attract and retain customers, from your website’s layout and content to your online ads and social media ...
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Phishing Scam Claiming Copyright Infringement Targets Website Owners

Phishing scams are one of the most common ways hackers can steal information or infiltrate your company’s info. Because they are so well-done these days, it can be hard to tell a legitimate contact from a scam. A phishing scam comes through an email, text, or phone call from hackers ...
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What You Don’t Know About Website Hosting and Why It’s Hurting Your Business

How often do you think about your website’s hosting plan? Most people don’t think about it at all, until they realize they aren’t getting calls or new visitors because their site is down. In a time when it can be critical for a company to be online to showcase their ...
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How Your Logo Design Can Change Your Brand

As a business owner, you know that your logo is essential. It represents your image, your values, and your entire company. But you may wonder - what exactly are the benefits of an excellent logo? Those looking to grow their business and brand should know the ins and outs of ...
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